Ninkasi Club House (English Version)48 games, 20 teams, one place to get together

We’re Converting the Try!

There are those moments that stay forever engraved in our memories. The emotions experienced together, fervent joy, manic stress, huge disappointment, thrilled happiness… Permanently etched (and sometimes rehashed). To reignite the emotions of major international competitions together we’re reopening the doors to the Ninkasi Club House to live the Rugby World Cup together, as one.

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🔎 But what exactly is a club house?

A club house is the building where the members of a sports club meet to quench their thirst, grab a bite to eat and, above all, reminisce about the world and the history of their sport. The tables in ours Ninkasi love these endless conversations, as joyful as they are stormy, where people cheerfully clash before making up over a drink. So when we heard that the World Cup would be taking place here in France, it was only natural that we decided to live up to the name: from 8 September to 29 October, we’ll be a Club House for you, a Club House for everyone, but above all, your Club House. We declare the Ninkasi Club House open!

🏆 A Rugby World Cup at home ? We’re living every single minute of it! Put down your cleats and mouth guards. You’re our guest^! For a tasty tackle with a kick, this is what we’ve prepared for you :

  • A Fry Called Quest : this platter for sharing will have everyone on side
  • Peak duel between two legendary teams : taste the New Zealand Pale Ale or the Australian Pale Ale
  • Seasonal beer with notes of caramel, honey and biscuit : it’s got to be the Ninkasi Oktoberfest
  • Mojito Whisky, the cocktail for drinking between posts
  • Get your scrum on : a 700ml bottle (whisky, gin, vodka) with 10 Ninkasi soft drinks
  • Come and watch all Rugby World Cup games in our restaurants

Give Us Some Grub

📍 Rugby values embrace friendship, ribbing and sharing. To get you all together under the same flag, we came up with A Fry Called Quest !

A deep fried platter to share with :

  • Chicken wings for the tough
  • Mozzarella onion rings for the tee
  • Gourmet potato pops for the tackle
  • And melting mozza sticks for the try

Outflank and Tackle the Brewers

This might very well be the hardest moment of this Rugby World Cup : Who will you side with ?

  • Team Australia: a fruity and thirst-quenching pale ale brewed with Australian Galaxy hops
  • Team New Zealand: a gentle and light amber beer brewed with New Zealand Rakau hops

📢 So, are you Wallabies or All Blacks ?

Purists know that Oktoberfest starts in September. Our brewers have prepared the Ninkasi Oktoberfest for you to try, a beer with notes of caramel, honey and biscuit 🍺

Yes We Share

🎯 For close-knit teams, we’ve got you served. Choose between 1.5 L of :

  • Mojito Whisky


  • Beer (7 of your choice):  Blanche, Flower Lager, French IPA, French Kriek, Oktoberfest, Australian Pale Ale, New Zealand Pale Ale

Or take advantage of the general scrum offer : a 700ml  bottle of Ninkasi spirits (whisky, gin, vodka) with 10 Ninkasi soft drinks.


🎯 €4.90 is all that a pint of Ninkasi Blonde costs, everyday from 5pm to 8pm 🍺

Rediscover this legendary pint for less than €5 ! Soft drinks are also available at the same price 😎

For the more inquisitive, read Pils’ clever story, the most famous blonde beer 🍺

All Ties are Off

🏉 The Ninkasi Club House welcomes you throughout the entire Rugby World Cup, before and during games, and for the most crucial time of all : post-match celebrations !

There’s something for everyone to have their chance at being the champion :

  • Blind tests with different themes
  • Forecasting games, where you defend your reputation, not your money
  • A special rugger bingo disco, and another dedicated to the rugby culture
  • A giant choir karaoke from the south-west of France (local rugby country)

Because even if it’s the Rugby World Cup, it’s still important to get out, go to our concerts and shows and have fun 💃