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Why a Distillery ?


A new distillery system has been installed nearby our brewery in Tarare.

We have decided to start a distillery for many clear reasons : whisky is inseperable from beer. They share many common ingredients : malt, yeast, water and fire.

Our Distillery

  • A copper still made in Charentay (Cognac) of 2 500L 
  • 4 inox tanks of 1000L for  recovery of alcohol
  • 4 storage tanks 
  • A storage of 120 barrels of 228L for aging whisky

Our products

We'll start in 2015 producing whisky, vodka and others alochols. 

First step will be producing a premium vodka and flavored vodkas in mid-2015. Then we'll start making whisky with 2 barrels of 220 liters in the end of 2015.

More informations soon available !